Sales Volume Variance

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Definition: Sales Volume Variance

It is the amount of change in contribution as a difference between the actual and budgeted sales values.

Formula for sales volume variance is as below:

(Actual Units Sold – Budgeted Unit Sales) x Standard profit/ Unit

This is where absorption costing is involved.

Also, (Actual Unit Sold - Budgeted Unit Sales) x Standard Contribution/Unit

This is where marginal costing is involved.

Sales Volume Variance is further divided into the following:

i) Sales Mix Variance

ii) Sales Quantity Variance

These help a company to make accurate estimates of the product’s future revenue.

Sales Mix Variance= (Actual Sales at Budget Mix – Budget Sales at budget mix) x Budget CM (or gross profit)/unit

Sales Quantity Variance= (Budgeted Sales – Unit Sales at Standard Mix) x Standard Contribution


The above graph shows the sales volume variances of the Audi, BMW and Mercedes in the year 2010 in a particular region.


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