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Definition: Testimonial

In simple terms testimonial is the feedback from the consumers. The feedback can be in any form – written, audio or video. Companies select from the vast number of these feedbacks and present the best ones to the audience.

Because these testimonials are from the consumers who have used the product and have presented their personalized views it has several benefits for the company :

1) Credibility of the product in the minds of the customers

2) Any skepticisms about the quality and performance of the product are removed

3) Unbiased testimonials ensure that all the aspects of using the product are addressed – good and bad both.

4) Real life experiences help the company to build trust with the customers

But companies make sure that they only present the testimonials which will appeal the most to the customers. The ones which contain all the positive feedback, all the details, comparative performance, credible, the most real life experience are presented.

For example, Dove uses only the testimonials of real women who consume their products in the advertisements. These ads create a sense of credibility of all the claims that Dove makes.

With the increased usage of social media testimonials have become a very important tool for the marketers. Each and every aspect of the products is put up on social media websites within a few hours or days of launch of the product. It is essential that the company addresses the concerns immediately and act on the negative testimonials while promoting the testimonials which are positive and can create credibility among the customers.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Testimonial along with its overview.


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