Run Of Network

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Definition: Run Of Network

Run of network is an internet or online marketing program (advertisement program, to be specific) where the client’s advertisements are displayed on a wide array of websites. Interestingly, the advertising campaign is run on many websites where the client cannot choose any specific websites.

Advertisement networks are known to sell spaces for advertisements on various websites and blogs. Many network focusses on a particular websites such as restaurants can advertise on websites or blogs about food; airlines can advertise in the spaces available in travel blogs and websites etc. A run of Network campaign prohibits the advertiser to choose any specific websites or blogs for their ad display. The prices for these advertisement programs are also lesser than the normal advertisement rates.

This has a high reach and is a low strategy campaign but it cannot target any specific segment which makes it less effective. But an advertiser can also take the advantage of the additional page loads of inventory for lower price and can display ads if his target market is wide.


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