Rate Card

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Definition: Rate Card

Rate card is a hardcopy of the price of advertising for various options of ad placement given by a media or publishing house. Rate cards are used by print and broadcast media. They are used only as guidance because the actual charges have a huge variation from the prices on the rate card because of the bargaining power of the advertiser.

The stability of the rates on the rate card varies as the demand supply of the appropriate audience varies. Possible reasons of buyers receiving discounts is because of volume, or because the media outlet wants to sell the unused space, even if it is at a low price. A rate card may also have details of any deadlines, additional fees, demographic information etc. As the size of the publication increases, the information in its rate card increases.

The prices in a rate card are normally the highest an advertiser can pay, because of the price reduction that happens later. Rate cards have information like what sizes of ads, discounts and other features are offered by the publication or media house. Different types of ads may have different rates like classifieds ads, retail advertising etc. Rate cards are an effective tool to compare and decide in which newspaper one wants to publish an ad.


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