Release Date

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Definition: Release Date

Release date is the date when a specific product or news story or press release is announced to the public. This date is announced in advance in order to provide details of the product etc. to the public before its release.

Release date is also used to set expectations of a particular product and is used as a promotional stint sometimes. For example, when the release date of a highly awaited product is announced in advance, a lot of speculation is built up in the audience regarding various aspects of the product, such as features, new additions, functionalities, price, etc. This serves in promoting the product too. The release date is sometimes synchronized across geographies, but sometimes varies in different locations or countries. For example, an iPhone may be released earlier in the US than in India. A Harry Potter book also may be released in the US and the UK first and later in India.

Most Hollywood movies are released on the same date worldwide, so this would be an example of release date being synchronized across geographies. Sometimes because of certain problems like financial settlement issues or certain finishing touches required to be made to the product, the release date may be postponed. The former happens a lot with movies when the producer does not settle certain accounts. The latter happens with products for many reasons like the product not being finished as per the devised schedule, logistics issues etc.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Release Date along with its overview.


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