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Definition: Self-Mailer

A self-mailer is a form of folder which can be posted or mailed without an envelope or a wrapper. This is because the card or brochure can be folded in a way so that it doesn’t need an envelope. A stamp or a gum piece normally holds the folded card together without opening up. It is also referred to as a folded self-mailer.

From January 5, 2013, new regulations for the paper size, weight, folding etc., came into effect and failure to comply by these regulations will result in additional charges of postage. Self-mailers can be bi-folded, tri-folded, or quarter-folded. The pictures for the same are as shown below:


A self-mailer is a letter, brochure, outer envelope - all in one.

Advantages of a self-mailer:

• Low on cost

• It is simple

• Lesser problems in terms of production timing and strategy

• More information, pictures etc. can be inserted

• Flexibility in terms of how they are folded, what message is sent and how it is presented

Disadvantages of a self-mailer:

• Less scope for creativity

• They look less personal than envelopes

• They are a sure sign of a promotional letter, so the reader may not be interested to open

Situations when a self-mailer is appropriate:

• When the message has a quick visual appeal

• When the message is easy to interpret and understand

• When the call to action is easy, like a phone call

• When you don’t need to make a sale thorough the mailer

Examples of situations when a self-mailer can be used are for seminar invitations, announcements of events, trade shows, etc.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Self-Mailer along with its overview.

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