Third Party Endorser

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Definition: Third Party Endorser

A person who provides his or her testimony or recommendation for a product or a service is called a third party endorser. These recommendation may come from a loyal user of the product or service, a famous person or an expert in that particular field to which the product is related to.

Three major types of third party endorsements are noticed in advertisement world:

1. Celebrity endorsements: Amitabh Bachchan endorses Gujarat tourism. This is a perfect example of celebrity endorsement.

2. Expert endorsement: Chef Sanjeev Kapoor endorses Tata I-Shakti Dal. A chef is an expert, hence his recommendation to buy this lentil may encourage customers to buy the product.

3. Media Endorsement: Any product, when shown particularly in media channel like Lube oil ads in a Bike Magazine issue, is media endorsement.


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