Island Displays

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Definition: Island Displays

Island Displays are the physical presentation of merchandises that are accessible from any of the direction. These types of displays are situated in the open area of any retail establishments, whether it is near to the entry of any store or in any of the larger aisles.

Nowadays many of the merchants use Island Displays to call attention to the items that may have just arrived or are may be on current sale. Normally, the items which are included in displays are related in some or the other way thereby creating a more compelling presentation.

As a structure which may be showing the goods in best way possible in a store, a perfectly designed Island Display can also be an effective tool for selling. Unlike the other in hand tools of display, which may provide view from one, two or three sides, the merchandise exhibit which uses the Island Display concept should be visually appealing from all the directions. If it is executed properly, consumers get attracted to the display and therefore are more likely to stay longer than from a probable simple shelf display. Since holding and catching the attention of consumers is very essential to make sales, the concept of island display will increase the chance of selling merchandise which might have gone unnoticed on shelves of stores.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Island Displays along with its overview.


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