Total Time Spent Listening - TTSL

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Definition: Total Time Spent Listening - TTSL

It is a measurement used in determining the ratings of radio stations. It evaluates the loyalty of listeners of a radio station. Some important terms, used in the calculation to Total Time Spent Listening, which need to be familiarized with, are as follows:

• Cume: It is short for ‘cumulative’ and is used as a statistics measurement for radio audience. It is measure of the number of individuals who tune-in to a particular radio station in a week. Each individual is counted only once, irrespective to the act that he or she tunes multiple times during that week.

• AQH: It is short for ‘Average Quarter Hour’ and is another radio audience statistics measurement. Each broadcast hour of a radio station is divided into 4 quarter-hours, that is, each broadcasting segment is of 15 minutes. Every quarter-hour of each day, a sample audience is selected for rating measurement. Each listener, who tunes in to a radio station for at-least 5 minutes in a given quarter-hour, is counted for AQH statistics. The ‘average quarter hour’ is calculated by taking an average of all the quarter-hours in a day-part.

For example:


Day-part= Morning drive

Timings= 6:00am to 9:00am

So, total quarter-hours= 3 x 4= 12

Then, the number of listeners in all these 12 quarter-hours are added and divided by 12 to calculate the average number of listeners for the morning drive.


Now, we calculate the Total-Time-Spent-Listening as:


Total-Time-Spent-Listening= AQH x (number of quarter-hours) / Cume


For Example:


Day-part= Morning drive (timings: 6am-9am)

Cume= 20000

AQH= 100

Number of quarter-hours in a week= 3 x 4 x 5 = 60


TTSL = 100 x 60 / 20000 = .3 quarter-hours

This means that 4.5 minutes (.3 x 15 minutes) per week is the time, an average listener tunes-in to the radio station during the morning drive.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Total Time Spent Listening - TTSL along with its overview.


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