Store Front

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Definition: Store Front

A commonly used word in the retail-business, store-front has taken up different meanings over a period of time. But the overall basic remains the same, that is, any retailer who wants to sell his products or services will make it his/her priority to set-up a store-front. The store-front provides the retailer, substantial access to the customers and an opportunity to convey the brand message to them.

Let us look at the different usage of this word:

• The offline definition of store-front is used to refer to the brick-and-mortar store’s front portion. Sometimes this term may refer to the rooms behind the storefront or may be even the whole building.

• The online definition of store-front is used to refer to the first page of retailer’s website or the whole website itself. It may also refer to the several shopping pages of various sites setup by merchants to conduct online transactions.

• It is important to note that even when there is no office located behind a physical storefront, people refer to their services or businesses (like non-retail services, non-profit organizations, schools) as storefronts.

The importance of storefronts can be summarized in the following points:

• Important marketing tool as customers can see and handle the inventory, which in turn can lead to higher sales.

• The first impression of a company’s brand can be easily delivered (in a positive way) through storefronts.

• Favors collaborative selling.

Some practices followed by businesses to make the storefront really attractive and eye-catching are as follows:

• Good lighting

• Do not clutter

• Backdrops

• Properly using the mannequins

• Creating a funny and memorable ambience for the customers

• Possible shelter for bad weather

• Good visibility from the road

• Self-explanatory signage


Hence, this concludes the definition of Store Front along with its overview.


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