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Definition: Keeper

According to dictionary, a keeper is someone who takes care of buildings, animals, etc. and/or is in-charge of something valuable (information or objects). There are different interpretations of the term “keeper” that we come across in business.

Here we will discuss some of them in detail.

Warehouse Keeper:

Also known as the storekeeper. They are the people responsible for carrying out automatic, mechanized, administrative and manual activities in stores. They also dispatch and receive goods. Some of the activities, the storekeepers are involved in, are as follows:

• Receive, store and complete products and goods on the basis of up-to-date records

• Controlling and amending records which may be statistical, commercial and economic in nature

• Operate equipment in the store for Information Technology and Automation

• Participating in drawing-up inventories and stock trading

Some types of tools used by storekeeper are as follows:

• Conveyor belts

• Scales

• Crates

• Ramps

• Fork-lift trucks

• Battery-powered trucks

• Automated and computer equipment

A storekeeper should have a good memory, good arithmetical skills and should have had a proper vocational training or training at job.


One point of view quotes gatekeeper as the set of standards that stand between an individual and a policy payouts. A person needs to meet some requirements before he can qualify for a long-term care plan.

Another point of view defines gatekeeper as the person standing between a marketer and the business owner (or a key executive) that sifts through all those who want to contact the owner or the key executive. He is the point of contact if a marketer wants to approach any business owner with some proposal.

To deliver message to business, a marketer has to around the gatekeeper or go through the gatekeeper.

Business idea as a keeper:

Apart from solving a problem and compelling someone to pay, a business idea needs some more characteristics, like:

• Making you itchy and excited

• Almost different from anything before

• Worth sacrificing something else

• Pains, if it never came to fruition

• Gets a very good feedback

With all the above characteristics, an idea becomes a keeper in business.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Keeper along with its overview.


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