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Definition: Storyboard

Storyboard is the sequence of planned events, drawing or images to show how a movie or an advertisement would go. The purpose of doing a storyboard is to be able to visualize the movie or advertisement and to propose any changes if required. The storyboard process was first developed by Walt Disney.

The advantage of using a storyboard is that it helps to evoke reactions or interest from the recipient. By this the story maker can change the storyboard or analyse as to what went wrong and make necessary changes. This helps in brainstorming, so that people can place their ideas through storyboard and implement changes through the same. Sometimes a storyboard is put out of chronological order to emphasise on certain events. Flashbacks are an example of this wherein a story focuses on events of the past to create suspense, interest and focus on the event.

A storyboard is extensively used in films, advertisements, theatres, comic books etc. In films it helps directors visualize how a particular shot would be or how a particular scene would turn out to be. Similarly in advertisements the producers see how effective it is by showing it to a sample of people. They can change or tweak some things of the ad to evoke interest in the advertisements. Contrary to the popular belief that storyboard does not help in theatres, it proves to be useful in those as well. It is used to figure the layout of the scenes in a theatre. Effective usage of theatre in all these area helps to attract the desired audience.


Below is an example of a storyboard:

Hence, this concludes the definition of Storyboard along with its overview.

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