Marketing Speak

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Definition: Marketing Speak

Marketing speak collectively refers to wording styles and buzzwords that are used by companies or brands to promote their product offerings and services to a wide audience. It is a category of corporate jargon, which is the, official language used in large corporations and bureaucracies.

The purpose is to create an impression that the vendors of the product/service possess great sophistication, technical know-how and skills. Such language is mostly used during marketing press releases, product launches and statements by marketing executives.

Marketing speak is often characterised by its heavy use of buzzwords, neologisms or coinages, and technical terms taken from specialised fields which are ultimately rendered meaningless due to repeated use in inappropriate contexts.

Examples of marketing speak are as follows:

• "Open the kimono" -> To share information with an outside party

• “Eating your own dog-food” -> A company using its own product, which it sells to others

• “Best practice” -> The process of developing and using a standard way of doing things that can be adopted by multiple organizations


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