Sales Force Automation

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Definition: Sales Force Automation

A Sales Force Automation (SFA) system or a sales force management system is an information system used in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) marketing which helps in the computerisation of some sales and sales force management functions. Its main function is to maximise the efficiency of the repeatable processes to be performed by a sales person. It automatically records all the stages in a sales process. It also automates business tasks like inventory control, sales processing, opportunity management and performance analysis.

The different components of an SFA system are:

1. Contact management system: This keeps track of all contact that has been made with a given customer, thus ensuring avoidance of duplication of efforts and irritation for customers.

2. Sales lead tracking system: This lists potential customers through paid phone lists, or customers of related products.

3. Sales forecasting

4. Order management

5. Product knowledge

It is important that SFA systems in different departments of a company are integrated with each other for proper communication and efficient utilisation of resources. Furthermore, with advancements in technology, SFA systems now allow customers to model the product according to their personal choices and needs through online product building systems. This is done in the automobile industry, for example.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Sales Force Automation along with its overview.

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