Promotional Product

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Definition: Promotional Product

Any product or item which is given for the promotion of a company or any event and the like is called a promotional product. They usually carry the name, logo, tagline or message of a company or an event. They are intended to promote that particular activity by means of advertising. These items are at times also called as advertising novelties.

Examples of promotional products can be anything like a mug, book, cap, bag with logo of the company. This method of promoting forms an important part of IMC (integrated marketing communications) mix.

This is usually done with an intention to increase the quantity of sales of a given product or to increase the visibility of a particular event which it is targeted at. Since promotional products are tangible in nature, they stay with the customer or the intended person and hence the company also stays in the mind of the customers. This helps in the recall of the company to the customer.


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