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Definition: Substantiation

Substantiation can be defined as supporting of any claim or assertion (like an advertisement) made by any brand/company with any evidence or other objective data which as supplied as a proof. These proofs support the claim made in the advertisement or any other communication. Whenever you bring any product or service in the market you need to communicate the value proposition to the customers. Companies/brands make claims about the performance and benefits of the product.

It is very difficult to convince the customer to buy any product or service just on the verbal claim. So in order to make it more convincing the assertions made are supported by some sort of reasoning which can include any scientific testing report or results of any consumer surveys etc. This phenomenon of supporting the claims by evidences is termed as substantiation. It is used widely by companies in advertisements. Different countries have different laws pertaining to the kind of claims that can be made and also the kind of data which is required to substantiate them.

Let us look at a few examples in the context of advertisements in India –

1) Quaker oats says it will make you heart healthy because it has Beta Glucan Soluble fiber which helps in reducing colestrol

2) Colgate projects its toothpaste as the brand most suggested by dentists on the basis of Dentists’ 2010 – end Tracking Study – TNS Report


Hence, this concludes the definition of Substantiation along with its overview.


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