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Definition: Sector

Sectors are an area or portion which is part of a bigger entity. These sectors are distinct from each other. Market sector is a part of the economy, it encompasses the industries and companies operating in this sector manufacture and sells similar type of goods and services and they compete with each other.


• Telecom sector

• Energy sector

• Health care

• Finance

• Information technology sector

E-commerce and telecom sectors in India are one of the fastest growing sectors. But these sectors have huge entry barriers for new firms. Telecomm sector requires huge capital investment to build the infrastructure and the license fees. But India having an unique advantage of largest young population and the growing mobile penetration in the rural part of India provides huge business opportunities. Similarly in e-commerce industry consolidation phase has been started after the initial proliferation of many companies. Flipkart, Amazon, eBay and snapdeal compete with each other to get the market share.

In spite of making huge losses, these e-commerce companies brings in new investment because once the customer base is acquired the firms can reap the benefits. Hence these companies offer huge discount sales like big billion day to attract customers to do business with them.

When it comes to marketing sector refers to market segmentation. First phase in any marketing plan is to divide the whole market into different segments and target only those segment which offers huge potential of profits. Marketing sector are segmented based on various factors such as

• Geographic

• Demographic

• Behavioural

• Psychographic

• Cultural


Hence, this concludes the definition of Sector along with its overview.

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