Delivery Notice

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Definition: Delivery Notice

Delivery note is a formal communication from the seller of the product to the buyer informing that the ordered goods are delivered or will be delivered on a specific date. Traditionally whenever the promised goods are service are delivered, a delivery notice is given to the buyer thus acknowledging the transfer of goods and this brings the selling process to an end. Now the ownership is transferred to the buyer and buyer becomes responsible for the delivered goods.

In the case of sale the ownership is transferred immediately to the buyer whereas in case of agreement to sell the seller is responsible for the goods until it is delivered to the buyer in proper condition. Once the buyer acknowledges the delivery then the ownership is transferred to the buyer. If the goods are damaged during the transit the buyer has to be held responsible.

In e-commerce sector due to the advent of technology and the sophisticated supply chain and distribution system, consumers have the option to track the order in real time.

For example if you place an order in lenskart, an order confirmation communication is sent immediately through SMS and email. For each process the customer gets updated status regarding the expected delivery date, current location of the product and the courier partner’s contact number. Once the product is delivered a delivery notice is sent to the customer thus closing the sale. In case the goods are not delivered ‘Delivery attempt notice’ is sent to the customers on time.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Delivery Notice along with its overview.


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