Call System

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Definition: Call System

Call system is the process of rotating the salespeople in different function so that the salespeople gets an equal opportunity in meeting the existing customer in retails store setup and potential customer in field call setting. It helps salespeople get a good on the job training by dealing with all kind of customers. And in a formal setup without call system salespeople will tend to work with similar type of customers there by developing the skill sets in dealing with one type of customers. The chances of these salespeople faltering when confronted with new customers are high. Hence to manage the sales personnel effectively call system model should be introduced in all customer facing functions.

Call system benefits firms where resource constraints exist. This system helps in allocating personnel efficiently to the critical work and avoiding wasted efforts.

Technology is used in coming with software solutions to provide the call system process for different industries.

Example: Nurse call system

In a hospital, nurses typically handle more than one work and perform duties in a orderly fashion. But sometimes they need to attend to patients immediately. This software helps nurses in shifting more smoothly and eliminates redundant efforts.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Call System along with its overview.

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