DRIP Marketing

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Definition: DRIP Marketing

DRIP Marketing is a communication strategy in which messages to prospects and customers are send at regular intervals based on certain events or lead status. By this method prospects won’t feel overwhelmed with the messages and it will help nurture them until they become clients.

For example, political campaigns have used automated voice messaging effectively to remind people to get out and vote on Election Day


Mediums used in Drip Marketing are:

Email: It is cheap and auto responders can be set to send specific emails to specific prospects over time.

Direct Mail: Although it is little costlier, snail mail is still very effective

Social Media: Regular posts in Facebook and LinkedIn, using twitter effectively can keep the prospects interested


Types of Drip campaign

1.Top of mind drips

2.Educational drips

3.Re-engagement drips

4.promotional drips

5.Training drips


A typical Drip Marketing Plan involves

1.Segment contacts list

2.Provide useful and interesting information

3.Design personalized messages

4.Evaluate the campaign’s progress


Benefits of drip campaigns

• Timely information: Deliver the right information exactly when your users need it

• Lead nurturing: Drip marketing nurtures early stage leads until they are sales ready. It can provide your sales team with a continuous supply of leads that are ready to close

• Easy automation: Automate the most tedious part of the sales process by allowing drip campaign to educate and nurture your leads


Hence, this concludes the definition of DRIP Marketing along with its overview.


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