Blanket Advertising Contract

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Definition: Blanket Advertising Contract

A contract between the company and the advertising agency where a discount is offered to the company as it advertises for many products through this advertising agency. Or in some cases if a conglomerate uses more than one advertiser, a discount is offered to woo the company to engage more with the advertising agency.

Sometimes Company gives full control to the advertising agency where the agency involves even in finalizing the objectives, account management and Media Planning. Agencies which offer full services generally go for the blanket advertising contract as they have the expertise in end to end planning and implementation leaving the company to concentrate on its core functions. Some advertising agencies provide non-advertisement related services as well including strategic market planning, public relations and direct marketing.

Very large agencies even run their in house marketing research departments. These full service agencies provide access to all core advertising functions where the client can directly oversee the progress and provide suggestion in each phase.


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