Mail Order

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Definition: Mail Order

In marketing mail order is doing the transaction through mail. Order is put through mail by the customers and the goods are sent directly to the customer’s address by the company. The advertisements are done through various mediums like posts, emails, television, radio, social media, telephone etc.

Companies have a database of addresses and names on which they send the brochures or catalogs. This is called the mailing list. The order is received through mails or over the phone. Companies then update their database and make consumer profiles which they use in future to sell more products.

Benefits associated with mail order are –

• It offers more products which may not be available in the local store

• It is beneficial for the people who don’t have easy access to transport or live in remote areas.

• People who want certain unique products which are not available in any of the stores benefit from mail orders. For example people who have some hobbies like rock climbing, trekking.

But today most of the mail orders are done through internet. Traditional methods are soon becoming obsolete. E-commerce sites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra and the increasing penetration of internet and social media in India are making traditional posts and phone orders a thing of the past.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Mail Order along with its overview.


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