Area of Dominant Influence (ADI)

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Definition: Area of Dominant Influence (ADI)

Area of dominant influence (ADI) is a rank based system of measuring the exposure of a television station in a geographical market area. The ranks are given to the geographical areas on the basis of market covered by a television station. This is primarily used in North America region and this rank was used to publish by Arbitron Company. In September 2013, Nielson Audio acquired Arbitron.



Key attributes:

i. ADI ranks are quite useful for advertisers as they get to know their market better in terms of exposure and communication by television and radio stations.

ii. ADI is similar to Designated Market Area (DMA) and Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area (SMSA) in concept but they generally differ in area size.

iii. The population in one geographical area receives the same programming from television station. This is helps advertisers in making strategy for promoting their product as they get to know better the population personal choices.

iv. Each market region of U.S. is given an ADI code.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Area of Dominant Influence (ADI) along with its overview.


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