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Definition: Influencers

Influencers can be termed as specific set of individuals who have an influence or sway over potential buyers and who affects orientation of different marketing campaigns by companies.

Influencers aren’t just that kind of people who have lot of followers but they also have a lot of knowledge about a topic. Companies often use marketing techniques centered on influencers which are driven by their credibility and expertise on brands and the relationship between influencer and their followers play a crucial role in the success of the marketing campaign. Marketing to an audience comprising of influencers can be considered similar to word of mouth marketing but it doesn’t rely solely on recommendations. Influencer doesn’t only to be a person, it can be a person, group or a place. If Indian cricket team recommends a juice, the whole team will be considered as an influencer. Celebrities are often used in influencer marketing because they have respect and are highly visible. Influencer marketing is different from conventional marketing because in conventional marketing brands appeal to the needs and interests of masses but in influencer marketing brands appeal to the interests and needs of the influencers. However, there is a drawback too, influencer marketing isn’t controllable.


Influencer can be of different levels. Some influencers have more reach and others have more influence on the target audience.

For example celebrities will have more and friends will have more influence on the masses compared to the celebrities. The main driver of marketing through influencers is fragmentation of consumer attention. The main job for marketers in influencer marketing is to identify influencer and where they are in the purchase life cycle.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Influencers along with its overview.

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