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Definition: Investomer

Investomer can be defined as a person who is a business customer and also a shareholder in the business. If we look at the etymology of the word it comes from investor plus customer.

A company always tries to increase the number of customers which are already their shareholders. Increasing the number of investomers for a company have several advantages; not only it increases the brand loyalty among customers but also help the companies in building strong product relationships thus reducing customer attrition. Companies often target investomers directly so that they can take full advantage of their loyalty. Investomers tend to be more engaged and because of their attachment to the brand it leads to better networking and sales opportunities for companies. Investomers generally have a sense of pride in ownership and they tend to talk to people about the brand which in turn open a lot of doors for the company.

Investomers not only help in providing sales bumps to the brand but are also very useful in gaining feedback for the brand. Investomers bring industry specific insights for the products which are extremely helpful in fulfilling the business needs. Also, investomers use the products regularly so their feedbacks are mostly honest. Investomer needs to be handled with care or they can be major headache for the company because of their direct relationship and stake in the company. Companies also need to be careful in letting the investomers to know or get involved more than required. Sometimes an investomer even influences a company to explore new market places and try new applications for its products. However it is found that investomers are more responsive when the company and its share price is doing well in the market. Therefore, keeping the investomers informed about the company’s share performance when the company is doing well proves to of great value to the company.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Investomer along with its overview.


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