Line Marketing

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Definition: Line Marketing

Line marketing refers to the set of promotional activities concerning different means or platforms of communication. It is divided into three parts.

Above the Line (ATL) Marketing:

Above the line marketing includes promotional activities which are targeted to reach a mass audience for a big or a new business. Above the line marketing uses mass media platforms to promote products to reach a large number of audience. It is difficult for a brand to tailor a promotion for a specific group in above the line marketing because normally the messages are viewed by a mass audience consisting of groups of people who have different interests and needs. Above the line advertising is more expensive compared to below the line advertising. For example; Television, Internet, Magazine, Radio and Billboards

Below the Line (BTL) Marketing:

Below the line marketing includes those promotional activities which are focused on targeted group of customers. Below the line marketing techniques are used when the consumers wants to see the product in person. This kind of advertising are often centered on specific localities and areas. Below the line marketing sends messages which are often memorized by the target group because they pertain to that specific group only. Below the line advertising is less costly to the companies. Below the line marketing may also include demos of products at brand stores or residential places. For example; Direct mails, Door-to-door visits and pamphlets.

Through the Line (TTL) Marketing:

Through the line marketing refers to the promotional activities that uses the best of below the line marketing and above the line marketing to attract customers. In this kind of marketing the customers are guided from one medium to another. For example; a company can give advertisement in newspaper in a city for its stores and when the consumer visits them, they can provide them with sample products.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Line Marketing along with its overview.


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