Brand Harvesting

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Definition: Brand Harvesting

The process of maximizing profit and free cash flow by reducing the marketing expenditure on a brand to a certain minimum level is called brand harvesting. Brands also have a limited life time. When the brands starts to decline in popularity and are expected to be eliminated in near future.

Then, the brand managers reduce the amount of expenditure on the marketing of brand to maximize the profit. This stage comes after mature brands and before brand elimination in brand life cycle. Here, the brand managers rely on its loyal customers and sometimes offer discounts to clear the stock as early as possible.


Critical Step for a brand manager:  

The decision of brand harvesting is very critical for a brand manager because the next step after this is elimination of brand. A brand takes years to position itself and once a brand manager began to harvest it, there is no step back. Hence, a brand manager should keep following points in mind before deciding to harvest its brand:


i. A brand manager should look for new opportunities to invest the cash freed up from brand harvesting. This is important to retain your position in the market.

ii. The brand manager should keep looking for the consistent sale of product even after reducing the expenditure.

iii. The target population should be narrowed down to loyal customers only.

iv. All the dependencies on this brand should be removed before complete elimination of the brand

v. There should be clear and consistent message to the customers by the brand manager in terms of objectives and future plans.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Brand Harvesting along with its overview.


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