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Definition: Catalog

Catalog is a list of products offer by a company along with a brief description of each product which can include its specifications, price or offers. Catalogs are an important tool in marketing plan. It is the first thing which a customer gets in the pre-purchase process. Catalogs are also helpful in spreading awareness about the product in lesser time. Traditionally catalogs comprise of list of products in groups with their specifications. Most of the cases, catalogs also mentions the price and offers, if any. Catalogs can be of 1 page or several pages depending upon the product range.

Earlier, customers used to compare different catalogs to choose between the similar products of different companies. This trend has been changed drastically in recent times. Now, companies prepare catalogs both in print version and digital version. Printed catalogs work in the same fashion as they do traditionally while digital catalogs are used to send information to targeted user as well as a large population through mails or web advertisements.

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Catalog Marketing: In the 1990s, catalogs used to be so popular that there were entirely new field of marketing came up called catalog marketing. This is a type of personal selling in which companies send their catalogs to potential buyers and the buyer then places an order from the catalog through phone, E-mail or by post using return envelope.

Classification of catalogs:

Catalogs can be classified into two categories which are as follows:

i. Single company catalogs: Catalogs which have products produced by only one company. In this catalogs, products having similar features are grouped together so that a customer can quickly find its product based on the need.

ii. Multiple company catalogs: Catalogs which have products produced by many companies. In this type of catalogs, not all the products offered by any one company are included. This is primarily used by retailers who offer products of several brands. Here, products of competing companies can be found grouped together on the same page.


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