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Definition: Copy

In the today’s marketing world, the term copy is used under several domains. Originally, Copy is defined as the text content which is used for any marketing or advertisement purpose. It is also the text content which appears as the internet ad while searching online or any other site. Copy can be any text content not only for the print ad but also radio or television ad. It includes the catchphrases, jingles, taglines, motto etc. either to persuade customer or just to increase brand awareness.

Significance: The copy is written keeping the consumer needs in focus. It is the first thing which catches the consumer’s attention. Hence it is the first thing which is created by any advertising agency for an ad campaign.

Type of copy: The copy can be of many forms depending upon where it is used. Copy can be in the form of mails, taglines, jingles, lyrics, web ads or website content. Similarly, this can be used on posters, billboards, catalogs, brochures or internet and mobile ads.

How to write a copy

Following are the steps which usually followed in creating a marketing copy:

i. About customers:

1. Customer’s need

2. Customer’s demand

3. Customer’s task

4. Kindle customer interest

5. Include testimonials of customers

ii. Make it clear, easy to comprehend and able to imprint on customer’s memory

1. Use simple words, avoid jargons.

2. Use human emotions, if possible

3. Be realistic and show what your product can achieve.

iii. Create Unique selling propositions:

1. Show your customers the future with images, videos etc.

2. Show them concrete benefits with short term and long term profits

3. Give them complete product specification

4. Show them the action plan to get the product.

5. Keep price reasonable.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Copy along with its overview.


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