Balanced Design

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Definition: Balanced Design

Balanced design is the basic principle of design used to organise the structural elements of design. The aim of applying these principles is to make the message or content more expressive. Balanced design is related to physical sense of balance and concept of visual equilibrium.

Balanced Design is way of organising elements that are lines, shapes and textures of an element. It refers to the equal distribution of visual weight in a design. Balanced design is the basic principle in designing an advertisement.

In creating advertisements balanced design is used for the even distribution of text and pictures in an advertisement make an appealing presentation. To achieve this there should be proper balance and harmony between colors and font used as well as the text and pictures used in it. The design is equal in visual distribution in delivering its message and gives balanced visual effect.

Visual balance is happened to occur around the vertical axis. When elements are not balanced around vertical axis it makes effect disturbing and uncomfortable. Balanced design is achieved symmetrically or asymmetrically.


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