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Definition: Infomercial

Basically, infomercials are the television ads which have useful information and contact numbers for the purchase but this format has changed significantly over the couple of years. Infomercials are those paid television programs which advertise about the product in detail and provide contact number and website etc. for instant purchase. Teleshopping is a popular type of infomercial.

As it is evident that infomercial word is made up of two words: information and commercial. So, the commercial which runs from half an hour to an hour on television and describes all product specifications and give you an option to make instant purchase is precisely called as infomercial. Infomercials are also known for exaggerating the facts or hiding the true information in their commercial. Hence, sometimes a politician’s speech is termed as Infomercial as a derogatory remark.

World of infomercials: As marketing is known for creative ideas, infomercials are also developed in the most creative manner possible. The ultimate goal is to make customer purchase their product. So, they may get some celebrity to endorse, organize a talk show (which is more like a paid talk show), offer awesome discounts and many more. Generally these are aired during fringe time like late night or early morning where there is nothing prime to show on television. Channels prefer to telecast infomercial instead of signing off.

Types of infomercials:

i. On the basis of length

1. Short form: These are of typically 30 to 60 seconds long and are aired on national or regional channels. Although now these are aired almost on every television channels

2. Long Form: These are of typically 30-60 minutes long which describe their product using various formats.

3. Micro-Form: These are of typically 30 seconds or less and are used in online advertisement. Its main objective is to bring users on the designated website.

ii. On the basis of formats

1. Hosted Talk show:

2. Product demonstration

3. Documentary

4. Testimonial focused

5. Live caller approach

6. Brand image focused

Hence, this concludes the definition of Infomercial along with its overview.

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