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Definition: Resellers

Resellers refer to a company or individual who purchase a product or service with an intention to sell it to others rather than using it by itself. It’s done in order to make profit usually but resellers may sell product or service at a loss also. There can be corporate resellers, direct market resellers and eTailers, depending on the domain in which resellers operate.

There are websites that offer companies to find resellers for their product which may include softwares, ebooks etc. The companies register in those websites and provide full information about their products. Registered reseller browse through these details and may show interest. In such case, particular company and reseller agree to the terms and conditions of doing business in order to enable the contract.

Example, in telecom, resellers purchase extra capacity i.e. airtime from carriers and sell it to small telecom companies. Similarly, resellers buy solutions from the software companies and use their distribution network to sell these solutions to different users.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Resellers along with its overview.


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