Cross-Channel Marketing

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Definition: Cross-Channel Marketing

In cross-channel marketing, we use one marketing channel like internet to support or promote another marketing channel such as retailing. The most popular cross-channel marketing pairs are:

i) Mobile-PC

ii) Mobile-TV

iii) Computer-TV

iv) Radio-mobile

v) Mobile-radio



Advantages of cross-channel marketing:

a. More publicity: Being present on various channels gives more attention and thus leads to increase in the number of customers and brand recognition.

b. Freedom to use ones’ favourite medium: A person can use any medium he/she likes or is familiar with to access a product.

c. More touch points: Having more channels allows one to collect data from many sources.

d. Consistency: Cross-channel marketing leads to increase in consistency since, one can manage their brands’ consistency over all the channels possible.

Difficulties in cross-channel marketing:

a. Loss of a business’s preference to specific channel: A business might prefer to advertise or connect with the customers through a specific medium. By cross-channel marketing, this freedom of the business to stick to a specific channel is lost.

b. More things to manage: With so many channels working, it might be difficult to handle the business, leading to overall confusion.

c. Increased cost: With so many things to manage, businesses might need additional staff to manage.

The most important thing before doing anything in cross-channel marketing is to know the customer wants and needs. The customers’ choice and buying behaviour should also be taken into consideration while making such decisions.

Cross-channel marketing is very popular these days. A survey conducted by Experian marketing services in 2014 showed that 80% of the marketers worldwide were planning to use cross channel marketing in 2014. The number of channels a marketer uses may vary depending on various factors. The variance is shown in the diagram above.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Cross-Channel Marketing along with its overview.


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