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Definition: Reach

Reach is defined as a measure of total number of unique households that will be exposed to a media vehicle in a predefined period of time in a specific area. It can also be defined as the number of different audience that is exposed at least once to a media vehicle in a set period of time.

Reach is usually expressed as percentage of people in a prescribed are that have been exposed to an advertising communication.


To purpose of reach is to estimate the optimal exposure level of a communication message for a brand or product. The reach along with frequency and continuity are important measure for media planning and buying decisions.


The reach in simple terms gives the size of the audience. It measures the accumulation of audience over time. The number of audience reached through a particular medium increases over time. Also, reach counts just once people exposed through multiple media channels to a message.


If a media plan targets roughly 3 million men who are 25-30 years old, then a 50% reach would mean 1.5 million of the target audience will be exposed to the communication thorough at least once media vehicle. Reach may grow from 50% to 70 % over a period of three months.


The reach for a product is often decided based on the product life cycle.

• When a new product is launched in the market a greater reach is desirable to increase the awareness of the product.

• When a company wants to improve its image than also higher reach is desirable.

• When a company want to convey different usage of the same product.


With the integration of multiple media channels in a marketing or advertising communication it has become difficult for media planners to get the appropriate communication mix to maximize the reach with optimal frequency.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Reach along with its overview.

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