Fact Sheet

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Definition: Fact Sheet

Fact sheet is defined as a sheet of paper with most important information about a product, service or process for publicity. It provides the immediate and brief overview of a particular product or service. A fact sheet is similar to an infographic and varies as per the requirement. The description about the any product can be explained with the help of the graphs, diagrams or figures. 


A concept can also be explained in a fact sheet using definitions and numbers. A fact sheet helps a company maintain day to day progress in a simplified manner. It is generally used by the managers to get a quick look on the happenings of the project. If you plan to tell the facts and status of your activities to your clients, facts sheets are helpful.

How to prepare a factsheet?

Data should be displayed in a proper format by giving key points in order to save time. Layout of a factsheet is simple and uniform. Usually a single printed sheet is used to display facts. Various points related to a business are given.

The fact sheets are given to media and should be well presented by including the details about the key personalities of your business. To make them more attractive bullet points should be used. Bullet points with short sentences make them more understandable. The month and year should be mentioned without fail to give confidence to the clients or customer regarding the latest information. One fact sheet per product or service should be used for clarity and easier maintenance.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Fact Sheet along with its overview.

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