New Media

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Definition: New Media

In the 21st century the sources of information are ubiquitous. Digitisation of the world has changed the way people access information. New media is a generic term which is defined as a means of communication in a digital world through internet with help of images, sound and technology. New media is more interactive, swift and engaging. The definition of the new media will also evolve with time as this phase of digitisation is in the process of consistent change. It is unpredictable for most of us to understand what new media will be in the coming years. New media includes chat rooms, DVD and CD-ROM, Digital cameras, mobile, e-mail, virtual environments, live streaming, social media, websites, smartphones etc.



With the advent of modern internet applications Web 2.0 most of things in old media are available in new media with a different version. The newspaper, books ,tv shows everything can now be seen online. Online content has changed the way things are communicated through various blogs and social media sites.


The way people do business has changed drastically. It has now become very easy to inform the customer about your products. People can share information, blogs, videos etc. with anyone. New media is the current big thing.

• Cost advantage

• Flexible work hours

• Wider customer base

• Competitive Advantage

• Informed Decision for customers

• Better Transparency


The hybridization of various types of new media has given way to some concerns related to privacy and security. There is a high risk of identity theft via hacking in using multiple forms of new media. Vulnerability to the social image is increasing with the proliferation of the smartphones. Information share on facebook and twitter can change the perception of the people to a great extent and things can go viral within seconds.


Hence, this concludes the definition of New Media along with its overview.


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