Foot Traffic

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Definition: Foot Traffic

Foot traffic is a term highly related in retail business and concerning factor of retail outlets. In simple terms, foot traffic is presence and walking of people around in a particular space. In business terms, it is used to describe pedestrian visitors to a commercial or retail site. It refers to the people who walk by or drive to a commercial establishment.


Foot traffic is a crucial factor in retail sales as higher the foot traffic means higher the sales. So in order to increase foot sales, many tactics are widely used in retail or commercial outlets. Foot traffic is increased by holding grand opening, organising promotional events like demonstrations, giveaways, discounts and sales.


Foot traffic is governing and determining factor in such businesses and firms try all possible tactics to increase foot traffic which results in higher sales. Such businesses always try to set up outlets at such places where high foot traffic is likely to be happen.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Foot Traffic along with its overview.


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