Time Segment

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Definition: Time Segment

A period of the day or night for which the advertisements are broadcasted through different mediums like television, radio and internet etc.. As different people are available on these mediums at different times the decision about the time segments is taken based on the price of broadcasting a commercial at a particular duration of the day.

The time segments are used basically to mitigate the risk of failure of an advertisement. It is the company’s imperative to define the time segments based on demographics. They have to decide where, how, when, and to whom a product, brand or service will be marketed. They have to focus on increasing the marketing efficiency by directing effort specifically toward the particular segment in a manner consistent to their objectives.


Time segments classification turns out successful when the awareness about the product or service is increased and that in turn has resulted in to huge number of sales. A company selects its target audience because it exhibits the strongest affinity to a specific product or brand. It is in essence the most likely to purchase the product. When marketers want an advertisement to reach an audience, they need to place it in TV programs which deliver an audience. The more audience a program delivers, the more the commercial time is worth to advertisers.

In Digital world

Even in online advertising the time segment can be defined based on days of the week and time of the day. The bids can be modified as per the views or conversion rate. Depending on the campaign options can be decided for ad words, keywords or search ads. The most effective way of managing time segments is to constantly measure the performance of various keywords and placement of the advertisements and modify it as required.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Time Segment along with its overview.


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