Co-Op Mailing

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Definition: Co-Op Mailing

Co-op mails help marketers get the benefits of direct mail but at a lower cost than a solo direct mail. It is a type of direct advertising and all responses are collected through mail. Customers prefer these mailers for beauty aids and grocery items.


Co-op mailing is very helpful if the market is segmented based on the demographics, psychographics, lifestyle, geography etc. to target the potential customers in the most effective ways.


• Product samples- The products are targeted for a specific group for a non-competing category and the customers are given forms and catalogues to do post sample purchase.

• Package inserts- Though the response rate is low but it is cost effective as postal charges need not be paid.

• Bill Stuffers- Magazine subscriptions are generally enclosed with the bank bills.

• Coupon envelopes- It is the most common form in this all the coupons are from various advertisers are mailed in a single envelope.

• Card packs- Useful for B2B firms as the product line can be showcased and the recipients can ask for the catalogues in return.


1. It gives a common platform as all players can compete whether big or small.

2. It is cost effective as already discussed the cost is share amongst printing, designing and mailing etc.

3. It can be easily measured based on the response from a particular mailer.


The response rate is generally less so the audience should be selected after an extensive study


Hence, this concludes the definition of Co-Op Mailing along with its overview.


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