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Definition: Readership

Readership can be defined as the total number of primary and the pass along readers of a particular publication. Readership can also be defined as the estimate of how many readers a publication has.

Readership is different from circulation in the sense that circulation is the count of copies that are distributed by a particular publication while readership is an estimation of number of readers that a publication has. Many times readership estimates also indicates the demographic profile of readers and also get the sense of what else they like to read and do. Though readership and circulation are different there exist a relationship between them which is known as readers per copy which means readership divided by circulation. It is observed that readers per copy varies considerably between publications. Publications use the means of subscriptions to increase the revenue stream. Because of subscriptions a publication’s readers stay with them for a longer period as it is fast and easy.

With the help of subscription, readers don’t have to order an issue every month. Often many publication provide their readers a free subscription trials to increase readership. They offer trial for one or two months and if satisfied the subscription gets renewed at full price. It’s a great way to get your users used to your content to make a long term relationship with them. Sometimes, publications also lower the prices of archival issues to encourage readers to read the content. Once the readers read latest issue and they need more, providing discounts is a great way to engage readers and at the same time increase the revenue. In order to increase readership publications focus a lot on their cover of the book or magazine. They put in efforts to make the cover more physically suitable for display prominently displaying company’s logo and tagline to improve brand recall.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Readership along with its overview.


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