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Definition: Press

When the press was designed, it was designed just as a communication tool between a public relation staff of a company and the media to inform public. But now a days since there is a plethora of online news sites and newspapers companies use press as a direct consumer communication tool.

When a company sets out to formulate and execute a public relation strategy, the initial move by the company is often to get start with publishing press releases. Normally this is one of the most effective way to get your message out in public. Through press releases a company try to get its news in front of as many people as possible. If a company includes press release in its marketing strategy it gets benefited by link building. Press releases are often used by companies not only as an effective tool for distributing content to the consumers and media but are also leveraged as opportunities to attract incoming links. An effective press release should always include at least one or two quotes from top level management of the company as it increases the credibility of the release and people tend to trust more.

The press release by a company should not be lengthy they should come to the point quickly as possible because these days there is a lot of information available easily on the internet where the consumers can easily get their hands on. If a company is just starting up and not have much experience in the field of press release they should not do it by themselves and should take help from experienced consultants as this is a very crucial of a product’s marketing. Now a days it has become mandatory for a company to put its press release on company’s website if it wants to survive in the extremely competitive market.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Press along with its overview.


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