Public Affairs

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Definition: Public Affairs

Public affairs is a keyword used to describe the relationships an organisation holds with its stakeholders. These can be individuals or groups with an interest in the organisation's affairs, such as politicians, civil servants, customers and localized communities, clients, shareholders, trade partners, business groups, charitable groups, unions and the media.

In marketing context, these are more often referred to as public relations which are nothing but the firms’ efforts which are closely associated with public and pressure groups. Public relations cause information sharing between an individual or an organization and the mass public. It helps building a corporate image. The role of public affairs is inclusive of the following:

a) Building awareness and a favourable corporate image for a company or a client through publishing stories and articles in relevant media outlets.

b) Closely monitoring and following numerous media channels, forums, etc. for public comments about the company and its products.

c) Managing crises deteriorates the image of the company or the product.

d) Building goodwill and loyalty among an organizations’ target market through community, philanthropy, special programs and events, seminars, etc.

It can use various means of communication as shown above.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Public Affairs along with its overview.

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