Sales Literature

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Definition: Sales Literature

Sales literature is the written material distributed by a company to the potential audience. All these are used by the firm in its sales promotion.

Examples of sales literature are:

• Booklets, brochures & catalogues

• Charts, data sheets

• Price lists

• Press clippings and releases

• Testimonials from customers

• Case studies

• White papers

• PowerPoint presentations

• Websites

• Newsletters

• Reference lists


They are also known as marketing communication. Collateral is another terms used to refer to sales literature.


Sales literature are an integrated part of a of company’s sales process. A good sales literature can help the prospective customer understand the value offered by the company through the product or service. However, on the other hand, if the sales literature is bad, then even though the product or service is good, people might not be influenced to buy it.


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