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Definition: Message

A message is the strategy developed by a company in order to promote its goods or products. The message could be of various forms like a TV message, magazine message, ad message, slogan etc.

Amul - The Taste of India

Nike - Just Do It

A good marketing message can be constructed by following the below mentioned steps:

Step-1 Identifying the target market- Before constructing a good marketing message, an individual or a firm should know their target market. Every target market is influenced by a different kind of message. Therefore, it is important to identify the target market.

Example: In Big Bazaar's message ‘Isse sasta aura cha kahin nahi!’ it targets the middle class. Seeing this message, the upper middle class and the higher classes would think that this is not a place for them. Since, they prefer better quality and imported products, which are generally very expensive.

Step-2 Identify the target markets’ problems- Now that you have identified the target market, identify the problem they have. See if your product can provide solution to that. Your marketing message should point out that you have a solution to their problems.

Example: Big bazaar has identified that their target market, the middle class has problem finding a cheap and acceptable quality products. So, they target this problem and have clearly mentioned it in their message.

Step-3 Present solution to the target market- Now that the problem is identified, you need to mention how u deal with it, and what solution you have for their problem.

Example: Big bazaar provides with various discounts for the same.

Step-4 Present the results you have produced- Show people the feedback you got from your satisfied consumers. Or show them the actual results.

Example: Big bazaar mentions the amount that the customer saved per shopping, in the invoice.

Step-5 Mention your differentiation point- Mention what unique value you and your products have. What difference does it make to the customer, by buying your products?

Example: Big bazaar had come up with the challenge, ‘Isse sasta kahin mila toh free!’

By following the above mentioned steps, one can construct a very good marketing message. One that shows what’s’ in it for the customers, rather than what does the firm do?

A good marketing message should have the following attributes:

a. Keep the message concise.

b. Keep the meaning to be conveyed through the message, consistent.

c. Let the message be more customer-centric, rather than the company-centric.

d. Don’t make empty promises. Make promises only that you can guarantee to keep.

A marketing message is one of the things that comes up to the customer’s mind, as soon as a brand name is mentioned. So, it is necessary to frame a good marketing message.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Message along with its overview.


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