Preprint Advertising

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Definition: Preprint Advertising

When an ad is produced for purposes such as distribution through newspaper, distribution at a conference, or at retail outlets, it is said to be pre-printed. Preprints are also known as free standing inserts. This preprint could be a small sheet of paper or could be a large product catalogue for some firm. Generally, newspaper agencies insert these preprints in the newspaper and circulate them to the target audience. The target audience is generally, a small area like an area within 2km radius of the firm, whose advertisement is to be done.

The newspaper agencies deliver the preprints only within that radius. They may also circulate the preprints to people who do not subscribe to the newspaper. Preprints are generally useful if a firm can get the preprints printed from their manufacturer, with the firm’s name, address and contact written on it. Generally, local stores use this mode of advertising.

The benefits of preprint ads are:

a. Flexibility- Company’s preprint may change every time with a new occasion. For every different occasion different preprints specific to that occasion can be used.

Example: During Diwali, a sweet mart may focus more on dry fruit gift packs instead of its other products.

b. Results- This mode of advertising has been found to be typically successful in almost all the fields. Almost all sort of firms can use it for advertising. Also, people who do not have access to newspaper, get to know about the firm, the offers, discounts via preprints.

Example: Coaching classes, beauty parlours, pizza joints etc. all use the preprint mode of advertising.

c. Revenue for newspaper- Generally, preprints generate a lot of revenue for the newspapers. Subscribers also don’t feel spammed, because the preprints are not included in the newspaper. Therefore, the content of news is not reduced.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Preprint Advertising along with its overview.

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