Net Unduplicated Audience

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Definition: Net Unduplicated Audience

Net unduplicated audience is an advertising term which can be defined as the combined cumulative audience that is exposed to a telecast or advertisement atleast once in a specific period. It gives the absolute number of the audience who are exposed to a particular telecast or advertisement. The count should be unduplicated irrespective of the number of exposures of the insertion on any number of vehicles. As the term states that it should be unduplicated that is a person who is part of the audience should be counted once only even if the person s exposed to the insertion multiple times.

A person or household is counted once no matter how many times advertisement is telecasted and viewed by them. It basically defines to how many people the broadcast has been reached. Higher the net unduplicated audience higher revenue from advertisers as more and more people are getting exposed to the insertions. It is also called accumulated audience, cumulative reach, Reach or unduplicated audience.

For Example-

An advertisement of X product is broadcasted on TV, Radio and newspapers. Mr A had watched that ad on television and read that ad in newspaper too. He should be counted once only irrespective of the number of exposures. This is called net unduplicated audience.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Net Unduplicated Audience along with its overview.


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