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Definition: Showrooming

Showrooming is a common practice can be seen among consumers now-a-days. Showrooming is buying an item online after inspecting the same item in a traditional brick and mortar showroom.

This happens because customers are worried about fit and quality of the items generally. So they go for test in showrooms and they buy it online because of cheaper price availability. In case of merchandise, showrooming is most common because customers want to touch and feel the merchandise first.

Showrooming is quite a trend because of the availability of products at cheaper prices online. Increase in online shopping trend has made showrooming common. Increase in smatphones era which makes shopping just a click away has resulted in increasing showrooming too.

Many retail stores have tried to keep up the pace of e-commerce and failed. Sales in offline stores have seen a major decline because market is captured by online operations. Online stores have lower prices because they do not have any overhead costs and sometimes they do not add sales tax even. Some major retailers are trying to cut down this trend by supplying items to their exclusive stores only.

Surveys show that shoppers who opt for showrooming are generally between 24 and 35 year age group.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Showrooming along with its overview.


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