Formal Advertising

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Definition: Formal Advertising

Formal advertising is the form of advertising in which the organization has to abide by the rules and regulations in order to communicate information to the audience. In formal advertising the company may use technology or other advanced means of communication mediums. The communication is generally official and is more often used to for jobs postings, public notice or bids.

Formal advertising can be done through various mediums like print media, online or television etc. Broadly all mediums can be used for formal advertisements but the segmentation has to be done based on the requirements of the customers.



1. If message is communicated using internet then a larger group of audience can be reached in a very short time.

2. If we are using Print media a specific class of people can be easily targeted using the news dailies. There are some specific newspapers like Rojgar Nirman and other columns in all India daily’s that offer job postings and tenders about the upcoming or ongoing projects. Magazines can be used for a specific industry or based on demographics to cater to a smaller segment of the market.

3. Television and radio are used by government officials or other private partners to give public notice about a new policy or change in an existing policy. Targeting a population of 1.25 billion people becomes easier with the broadcast medium.


Internet as a medium is not helpful for everyone as the reach is still not enough to communicate important messages online. There are many people who are not even aware about the internet usage. Gradually India is becoming digitally comfortable there is still a need of infrastructure. On the contrary, Business people take internet as the most convenient medium for corporate advertising.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Formal Advertising along with its overview.


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