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Definition: Cashier

A cashier can be defined as an employee of a company or a business who handles the financial transactions of a company. Generally, in most situations, a cashier works at cash registers. A cashier collects customers’ payments and ring up their purchases. The size or the type of company doesn’t matter and a cashier can be found anywhere whether its retail store, a restaurant or a supermarket.

When companies are out to hire a cashier they look for people who are good at quick mental math and calculations. The most common use of the title cashier is in retail industry. Sometimes cashiers may also need to record amounts received and also prepare reports of transactions that took place. Cashier also serves in customer service capacity and answers questions of customers and help in resolving their complaints. In recent times a cashier can also be known as a checkout operator since at retail stores he or she is the person who scans the goods through a cash register whenever a customer wishes to make a purchase at a retail store. The items are generally scanned by barcode making the use of laser technology. In many small businesses such as grocery stores the position of a cashier is considered to be a stepping stone. Many times the cashier moves up to a position in customer service department because of the experience he got through interaction with customers.

Therefore, being a cashier can be an attractive position for people who like to interact with people. Some cashiers who work for large retail chains often enjoy access to fringe benefits. Many times cashiers who work in retail companies or other businesses which cater to public have a lot of scheduling flexibility. Also many companies provide expanded benefits like a paid vacation or a retirement plan to their full time cashiers.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Cashier along with its overview.

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