Descriptive Literature

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Definition: Descriptive Literature

Descriptive literature means information given by a bidder or stock analyst, such as images, examples, drawings, and portfolios that depicts a product's features or development or explain its functioning. The concept includes only that data required examining the acceptability of the item and excludes other information for functioning or maintaining the product.

Descriptive literature is important to establish, for the purpose of evaluation and award, details of the product offered that are specified elsewhere in the solicitation and pertain to significant elements such as—

1. Components

2. Design

3. Methods of manufacture, assembly, construction, or operation.

4. Performance metrics

5. Materials


Descriptive literature wherever requires for the solicitation should abide by the following rules

a. Identified to show the item(s) of the offer to which it applies; and

b. Received by the time specified in this solicitation.

If the bidder is unable to submit the descriptive literature on time, the Government can reject the bid except that late descriptive literature sent by mail may be considered under the Late Submissions, Modifications, and Withdrawals of Bids provision of this solicitation. If the descriptive literature doesn’t conform to the features shown and the product offered, the Government will reject the bid. It is imperative for any bidder to maintain integrity at all levels and provide the correct feature of the product to ensure smooth transaction.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Descriptive Literature along with its overview.


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